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Many auto detailers, automotive detail shops and mobile car wash and detailing business have found a lucrative niche in cleaning, washing and detailing boats, yachts and personal watercraft. I'm back. Doesn't look like I missed much though. All this talk about power ,consent ,contracts and government. The way I see it is I have power and you have power. I choose to give my power to somebody else(consent). They now have twice the power they once had. Since might makes right ,you should listen to what they tell you to do. You and a friend give your power to another and I have to listen to them(consent). Now we could be civilized and agree to this or fight about it. Being civilized is called government where fighting about it is called war.

Daschle has been a paid consultant and advisor to Hindery's InterMedia Partners since 2005, during which time he received from Hindery access to a limousine and chauffeur. Daschle reportedly did not declare this service on his annual tax forms as required by law.

When you refuse to pay your taxes, you are robbing from all the rest of us. I view the proper basis of monetary transactions as contractual in nature, this includes taxes. Why wouldn't it? I guess I'm just not willing to give the government a complete pass on the issue (even if I admit it's necessary) like most people are.

Throughout the process of gaining in-depth knowledge of prospective boats to work with, Nikko began to unearth stories of how building each custom yacht was an adventure in its own right. I've never given explicit or implicit consent for the United States government to govern me, either by representation, autocracy, or in ANY other form.

I know that Pink. That was what is called a rhetorical question. The reason the rich grab hold of the reins of government power is because they know that a government that nurtures free markets undermines their power. They, like you, marjon, would rather there be no government, which is why government ceases to function or enforces its laws selectively when they gain power. It's why government passes ridiculous tax cuts that really only shift the tax burden to those least able to pay. The solution is not to do away with government, however, but to root out the corruption and influence of the wealthy.

Quite the contrary. The nature of civil authority has been one of the more pernicious issues throughout human history. The advent of secular representative democracy, or republicanism, has mitigated this problem somewhat, as there is some connection to the consent of the governed. The largest disagreement seems to be about the extent to which governments may contribute to the prosperity of the people they serve. Extreme conservatives anarchists, like marjon, would argue that they cannot do anything at all to promote prosperity. Moderate conservatives would argue that only those institutions necessary to ensure some minimum level of stability are allowed. Moderate liberals like those institutions that demonstrably contribute to prosperity but that the main goal is stability, and extreme liberals argue that the growth of prosperity is government's only task, stability be damned. Each position has elements worthy of consideration.

Returning to our earlier analogy, if an enemy armada was approaching at sea, surely it would be better to gauge the threat by counting the number of boats, rather than trying to determine the amount of cargo contained on board. Remarkably, we can do something similar with our lipoproteins.

The government does not get the power to govern from the people, again I'll restate "what's the we stuff paleface". "The people" doesn't exist, it's a non-entity. Individuals are the only moral agents in any society, they are the base unit of every single society that's ever existed. I don't believe in the concept of "the people" any more than you believe in a God. That concept is a propaganda tool that governments use to produce a sense of legitimacy and consent.

Because you're thinking as an individual and you're thinking small picture. And if people were given the oppourtunity to select which taxes they wanted to pay they would likely think small picture too. You can't pick and choose which laws you will comply with. This is true, for instance, of laws barring theft, fraud, murder, slavery, pollution, etc. Tax laws are just ordinary laws, within an overall body constituting the law of the land.