Get Rid Of Computer Viruses

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Computer is used frequently nowadays. It makes it much more convenient to do many things. Thus much information is saved on it and much personal information is hidden in it. We can create passwords for our computers, and others can not have access to it. However, what should we do to prevent hackers, malware, spyware or viruses?

Most computer users know it is necessary to install a piece of antivirus software onto their computers to block bad things invading their computers. Is that enough that a piece of antivirus software is installed onto your computer? That’s far from enough. Various viruses spring up as the development of science and technology. There are many kinds of viruses and it is necessary for us to know something about it.

According to the characteristics of computer viruses, van phong pham there are many ways to classify them. In accordance with the system the viruses attack, it can be classified as the viruses that attack DOS system, the viruses that attack Windows system, the viruses that attack UNIX system, and the viruses that attack OS / 2 system. Most computer viruses attack the DOS system.

How to protect your computer from being attacked by viruses? In addition to the antivirus software is installed, there are many other things to be done. If you know something about computer, you should have known that the websites you visited are recorded on the computer, the bank credit card numbers, văn phòng phẩm giá sỉ the passwords are all recorded. If a hacker attacks your computer, all the information can be stolen easily. If you want to keep that absolutely safe, you can manually delete these things after you use them. Sometimes the registry is changed by viruses, and the result will be serious.

If you don’t want to be bothered by these troubles, you can find a registry cleaner. It will help you a lot. An advanced registry cleaner can block the viruses, bad activex, spyware and malware effectively. It also can do many other things. For example, van phong pham it can clean the junk files and duplicate files in time. The Internet Explorer problems will be fixed by it. The disk fragmentations can be defragged in time. The websites you visited can be cleaned immediately after your visit. The invalid shortcuts are cleaned immediately after they appear. If you want to know more about computer registry cleaners, you can visit website .