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The host stadium per year's Major League Baseball All-Star Game usually alternates between the competing National League and American League, and is determined by a Major League Baseball selection committee, based on varying factors which might include location coinciding which has a meaningful year or historical event, the unveiling of a new field, a good new parks, or how much time it has been since a certain city had hosted. Currently, American League stadiums are eligible for hosting the All-Star Game in the even years, as well as the National League stadiums may host in the odd years. The only 2 yrs where the venue didn't alternate between leagues as usual were 1951 and 2007.

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There is no question that Head Coach Caine Ballard has his boys looking positive at the correct time, because they now prepare to battle the Fulton Falcons this Friday night in Greeneville for round 2 of the playoffs. The Falcons defeated Chattanooga Central 20-7 Friday night to create their date while using Devils.

Only four players have won the All-Star Game MVP Award twice. Willie Mays, in the San Francisco Giants, won in 1963 and 1968; Steve Garvey, with the Los Angeles Dodgers, won the award in 1974 and 1978; Gary Carter, in the Montreal Expos, won three decades ago and 1984; and Cal Ripken, Jr., from the Baltimore Orioles, won the award in 1991 and 2001.