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When one thinks of Las Vegas, slots - traditionally, a coin-operated device with a single handle that when pulled, causes drums to spin inside which display a series of pictures, or symbols when they stop - often comes to mind. You'll be interested to know that slots are no longer unique to Vegas, nor even the "real world." Online slots offer the same kind of play and similar rates of payout as brick-and-mortar casino slots.

The advantage of course is that online slots allow you to play from the convenience, comfort and privacy of your own home. All About Casino Slots Casino slot games and their Digital Age counterparts such as video slots originated 120 years ago, when an enterprising San Franciscan invented the first "modern" slot machine. The Liberty Bell had an arm that when pulled, caused the drums inside to rotate.

When these stopped, three random pictures were displayed, and depending on which images they were, the machine would pay out anything from nothing at all when three different images appeared to fifty cents for three bells - quite a substantial amount back in the 1890s! Today's online slots and video slots operate the same way. The only difference is that the complex, spring-loaded mechanical components have been replaced by computer chips that operate random number generators.

There are also many variations, including adult slots for the more adventurous. Are They Really Random? Of course, when you go online to play casino slot games, do you have any way of knowing that the slots on a particular website aren't completely rigged? This is certainly a valid concern, and there are indeed gaming websites in which the gaming software is completely programmed to favor the house every time. The good news is that such unscrupulous websites are exceedingly rare, and because of the way information is shared among members of the online casino gaming community, such websites do not stay in business very long.

A more common problem is websites that are slow or even refuse to pay out winnings to those who successfully play online casino slot games. Again, reputation is everything; such casino websites don't stay in business very long, simply because nobody will play there. Finding Reputable Online Slots The best way to find online casino slot games in which you know the house gives you a sporting chance and pays off promptly when you win is to get involved in one of the many casino players' forums online.

Another way is to look at what type of software is being used for online slots - is it from a reputable, well-known company with a reputation to consider? The best online casinos also publish third-party audits on payouts that have been conducted by an outside organization. Transparency and reputation are the key to finding good sites offering online slots. Wayne Hemrick is a longtime player of online slots and casino slots.

He enjoys passing on his knowledge to fellow players around the world.